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February 14, 2018
 Colorado LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce Supports Funding of Civil Rights Commission
DENVER – The Colorado LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce is urging the state legislature to continue funding the Civil Rights Commission. As the only state-wide chamber supporting LGBTQ business owners and allies, this commission’s work is imperative to maintaining equitable and impartial investigations of discrimination complaints.

“The mission of the CO LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce is to champion the success and economic impact of the LGBTQ+ business community to promote, connect, and advance commerce, diversity and equality for all,’” said Jim Smith, chairperson for the Chamber. “The fact that all discriminatory complaints are first investigated by the Civil Rights Division before going to court assists businesses and employees in avoiding costly and frivolous court cases.”

“It’s unfortunate there’s a sunset provision on the vital service the Civil Rights Division provides for the state of Colorado,” said Debra Johnson, vice chairperson of the Chamber, who also testified in support of funding the commission. “We ask that the state legislature reauthorize the Civil Rights Division and make the Division a permanent division within state government.”

Nationally, LGBTQ+ businesses contribute more than $1.7 Trillion to the economy.

The Colorado LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce is a state-wide chamber serving LGBTQ business owners and professionals, as well as straight allies. For more information about the chamber, visit www.colgbtqcc.org.
Debra Johnson, Government Affairs