About Us

Josie Rodriguez-Bouchier L.Ac. (they/them), owner of Intersectional Fertility, specializes in acupuncture and herbs for fertility, fertility related imbalances, pregnancy and postpartum. In addition, Josie offers acupuncture and herbs for a wide variety of patterns including but not limited to digestive imbalances, insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches, PMS, irregular cycle, perimenopause, menopause, and more.

Josie is the host of The Intersectional Fertility Podcast, a place where we can relax and bring our Whole Selves to the conversation of fertility, identity, and our creative power. The Intersectional Fertility Podcast centers the experience of queer, trans, and non-binary folks with wombs, especially BIPGM (BIPOC), who are trying to conceive. Available wherever you listen to podcasts.

Josie is also the creator of the Whole Self Fertility Method™ that is taught in their self-paced, 5-week online course, FERTILE. Folks who are trying to conceive or health care practitioners who would like to become certified in the Whole Self Fertility Method™ may register anytime at

Find out your Whole Self Fertility Method™ element and get three fertility enhancing tips you can do right now at

Be sure to join Josie's global online Qmunity where you can access additional fertility resources and meet others who are connected with the queer fertility journey. Join at