About Us

Let’s Talk About It! An Educational Journey Series, LLC was developed after a presentation at a national conference. The result of this presentation reaffirmed the belief there is a dearth of foundational knowledge offered to individuals, organizations, agencies, communities, and professionals regarding the importance of implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) models and policies. Many people immediately assume DEI work is strictly focusing on race and racism and while I agree those two topics are vital in all discussions, the reality is intersectionality, equity, generational trauma, and representation are the basics we avoid discussing in trainings, or continuing education classes. Stakeholders who attend Let’s Talk About It! An Educational Journey Series, LLC are welcomed in a non-judgmental space where attendees are encouraged to ask the tough questions, seek clarification, and understanding behind social context, historical context, transmission of generational trauma, and the various impacts white supremacist ideologies cause when not addressed at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels.
The goal is to educate; Let’s Talk About! An Educational Journey Series, LLC, challenges attendees to look at policy, systems, and institutions through an equity lens, intersectionality lens, and a racial justice lens. This educational journey and subsequent educational sessions provide space to discuss uncomfortable topics and to learn how to sit with our discomfort, while engaging with others that may identify differently than oneself. Education is key and should be available to all interested in learning.
This is a unique forum and opportunity to be more than an ally to our marginalized communities, this is a foundational step towards corrective action. At the end of Let’s Talk About It! An Educational Journey Series, LLC, attendees are reminded:
Our mission is to educate by sharing real life experiences. Educating stakeholders on how the transmission of generational trauma may present itself within society, workspaces, interpersonal relationships, and oneself. It is important to shed light on the far-reaching impacts of white supremacist ideologies when they go unaddressed at micro, mezzo, and macro levels. Through thought-provoking discussions, we aim to educate attendees about the intricate relationship between interpersonal, intrapersonal, policy, systems, and institutions in relation to equity.