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Mobile Care LLC provides concierge medical services to the LGBTQ community, with a focus on improving access to care, HIV prevention, and hormone balancing.

Hi! I am Dr. Jake Weinstein, a Nurse Practitioner with a passion for human care and system-based problem-solving. Mobile Care was started in 2016 to provide excellent healthcare in the comfort of your home, office, or via telehealth and medical-legal consultation. Our consultation services were born out of the need for solving problems in complex systems in healthcare and improving the standards of care.

Great care and outcomes come from collaboration and communication, and I am thrilled to start this journey with you today!

The mission of Mobile Care is to bring evidence-based practice to the community, enhancing access to underserved populations, and to listening to patients.

Our core values include; honesty, diversity, accountability, humility and judgment-free healthcare for all humans.

Dr. Jake Weinstein DNP ACNP


  • Mobile Health Care
  • Mobile PrEP
  • STI Testing & Treatment
  • BHRT and TRT
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy


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