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About Us

Zokoo Technology bridges the gap between technology and business to humanize the entrepreneur’s journey. We are a premier agency offering mobile and web application development, financial modeling, design services, product marketing, and business consulting. We are a unique organization that provides every solution needed to build your idea into a successful brand.

At every step of our UX/UI design process, we test our choices with real people, finding layouts that convert the audience you serve. Whether you’re rebranding or starting from scratch, we’ll support your sales objectives with intuitive, simple design.

Once our development team receives the designs from our director of UX/UI, we work closely with the client from strategy to testing to deployment to support, ensuring the product delights customers. With our unique combination of strategic roadmapping, scrum agile management and design prototyping, we maximize for a seamless user experience with minimal technical hiccups. We build with simple code that’s easy to update or pass on to your internal team. We integrate advanced technologies into our products, providing users with a memorable experience.

At Zokoo, we hate to see beautiful products go undiscovered. That’s why we make our clients' products easy to find. By following best practices in SEO and AppStore optimization, we ensure your products are front and center and targeting your niche audience. With deep linking strategies and our integrated marketing approach, we’ll build a community of users who engage with you on multiple platforms.